Steadfast House, Drummond-Otra, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan

Day Care

Day Care

Steadfast House CLG Day Service provides a day service to adults, both male & female, who have varying levels of support needs, ranging from high support to those who have low support needs. We offer a range of daily skills based activities including learning, training, socialisation, sport activities, horticulture and work experience for adults with an intellectual disability.

The main objectives of the day service are;

In the day service there is always a staff nurse on duty daily, we also have a supervisor and a full support care staff based on the collective needs of the attendees, this ensures programmes are delivered as agrees and contained in the attendees personal centred pans. We link closely with 2nd & 3rd level colleges to give students who require work experience and support for related courses. Our staffs in the day service are made up of the staffing requirements and from time to time work experience students and community employment workers.

The nursing and support care staff in Steadfast House Day Service are committed to providing high quality evidence based care, to this end we not only provide extensive in house training programmes but facilitate and encourage our staff to pursue outside training which significantly adds to the variety of competencies available to our attendees.